Friday, April 24, 2009

By Denisia Adams

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Today on the Morning Cruise was Art – C Friday where keep it all about entertainment arts and culture. Check it out:

paladin \PAL-uh-din\
A champion of a cause.

Who was the first S.A. artist to sign with Motown Records?
A – Danny K B – The late great Lucky Dube C - Brian Adams

Answer: B – The late great Lucky Dube
He began to sing in bars in his home town and in church, and soon joined the Love Brothers. They were together for 2 years. In early 1980s decided to switch to reggae. Formed his first band, 'The Sky Way Band' while still at school. "Rastas Never Die," recorded in 1986, was banned by S.A. censors. Was the first black artist in S.A. to be played on a white radio station. Toured the world promoting his next best selling album, Prisoner. Touring band was called The Slaves. In 1995 he earned a worldwide recording contract with Motown. His album Trinity was the first release on Tabu Records after Motown's acquisition of the label. Was ranked in over 20 national and international awards for his music and videos.

The top five moneymaking films of all time are: "Titanic" [$1,835m], Jurassic Park" [$920m], Independence Day" [$810m], "Star Wars" [$780m], "The Lion King" [$767m]. Notice that they all are family-type movies. In fact, movies with strong sexual or violence content usually bomb at the box office. According to the American Family Association, the average cost to produce a movie in 1996 was $40 million. Sex films grossed on average only $700 000. Movies with strong Christian or family content each grossed over $37 million.

How to Have Fun on a Rainy Day
1. Find what you like to do. Try not to sit around all day watching TV and playing the computer until you have turned square eyes and have bad headaches! There are lots of things to do. Just look around the house. Paint, knit, read... there is so much to do once you take a look!

2. Try to cook something, for there are lots of things to cook. Biscuits, cakes, buns... you name it! Find a good cook book and get started!

3. Do a little knitting. This may seem a bit girlie to some, but anyone can do it- even boys! There are lots of things to knit. Finger puppets, blankets, sock puppets and many other things. However, you may need some help if you've never knitted before.

4. Read a book. There are lots of great novels out there, and probably some of them are stuffed into a bookshelf you never look at! Reading is great, and sometimes you can never stop!

5. Write a story. There are lots of ways to write stories. By computer, on paper, and on a typewriter! Find the idea of your story and write. You can continue long stories onto the next rainy day!

6. Paint a picture. Paint some still life or make a load of rubbish into a masterpiece! Look around your house for things to make art with. There might be some painting equipment somewhere around your house! Or you can draw and color if you want!

7. Bring a friend over, or go to a friends house. Theres no better way to have fun on a rainy day than doing things with a friend.

Showtime Australia presents Abba live and Jocie who plays Freda joined me online to speak about the spectacular production filled with laughter and song. To find out more contact artscape on 021 410 98 00 or visit

We then spoke to Jonathan Roxmouth one of the cast members of a Handful of Keys. Directed by its creator IAN VON MEMERTY, ROELOF COLYN and JONATHAN ROXMOUTH at two grand pianos, give a dazzling display of pianistic virtuosity and hilarious impersonation. A performance of constant surprise, intelligence and wit, with music that ranges from the great classic masters Bach and Beethoven; through the kings of soul Ray Charles and Fats Waller and via the queens of showbiz and pop, Elton John, Freddy Mercury and Liberace. A HANDFUL OF KEYS is a completely South African product of international standard. Contact Theatre on the Bay 021 438 3300

“The time is always right to do what is right”.

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