Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hey There. How are you doing? I hope this Tuesday is going good for you. At least it is Tuesday and no longer Monday seeing that Mondays have the tendency of beeing blue hey? Anyway, let me not (blue) up your day. This is what happened for today’s show.
10:35 For our very first interview we spoke to Charmaine C Davids who is an Educational Psycologist. Charmaine spoke to us about her career. It does seem like she has quite a great passion for education and helping youngsters find the path to what they possibly wwant to do. We allso spoke to her about challenges, advantages and disadvantages to her job. So, if you wish to have more information or assistance, may make contact with her on the ndetails below.
Charmaine Davids Te: (021) 704 48 09.
Cell: 084 869 3119.

11:05 For our last interview we spoke to Sadia Abus from Levana Primary. She spoke to us about the Eco Schools Programme they took part in. I think one of the things that stood out was the peace garden they are busy constructing. The Quite a great deal of benefits to taking part in the programme. The children liked the flying when they went to represent the school. So for more information, you may make contact with the school on the number below.
Levana Primary Tel: (021) 701 94 00.

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