Friday, February 08, 2008

06 February 2008. Blog Post.
Hi there. How are you on this Wednesday afternoon. I hope I find you to be well. I know it is a bit late, but I trust you had a very nice and very safe weekend. As you would know, we normaly take it rustig on a Monday, but we had an Outside Broadcast in Kraaifontein regarding the 1000 Volunteers Programme Official Launch. That was the very first Outside Broadcast for me and I think it went quite well. I think it went quite well in the light that 1000 community members are willing to help others to build houses. I think it must be very rewarding to be able to have a hand in how your house would look once it is done. Now, for today’s show.
11:05 For our interview for today, we spoke to Carlah Johnson about sterilization. Carlah took us through what one need to take into account when one is playing around with the idea. The procedure for male as well as female would be just a couple of minutes. Carlah allso spoke to us about the organization (AVSSA) and how they help. Should you wish to have more information in any way, you may make use of the contact details below.
Carlah Johnson (AVSSA) Tel: (021) 531 1665.
Our quote for today was: "Smile and the world will smile back at you!"
Well my friend, that’s how we end for today, so from me Adrian, You must have a lekker day in the company of Bush Radio 89.5 fm, have a good one, HAVE FUN.

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