Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hello there. How are you doing? I hope you’re keeping well. Weird weather we are having hey? Well, at least it is Thursday which bring on Friday hey? Then, it’s weekend and you can do what you like, but for now, this is what we did for the show on this Valentines day.
10:35 For our first interview we spoke to Benita Southgate a counseling Psycologistt. Benita just took us through what she is doing from day to day. She seems like a person who has a lot of passion for what she is doing. So for more information you may called her on the number below.
Benita Southgate Tel": )021) 797 4041

11:05 For our second interview we spoke to Ann-Margret Berndt for the South African Riding For The Disabled Association. They certainly seem like a busy group of people who help people with disabilities to gain self-worth should you feel you lack any, by making use of horse riding. They do assist schools in this regard as well. Should you wish to volunteer your services, or help them get some wheells which they very much need, you may give them a call on the number below.SARDA Tel: (021) 794 4393 Mornings only.

Our quote for today was: "Love is the only thing that can be divided without being diminished."
Well my friend that’s how we end for today, so from me Adrian, you must have a lekker day in the company of Bush Radio 89.5 fm, have a good one, HAVE FUN.

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