Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hello there. How are you on this Thursday afternoon? I hope I find you to be well. Nearly weekend hey? Nog net een slapie…Before we get there, this is what we had done for the show.

11:05 For our first interview we spoke to Mrs. Schulman about the Candle in a jar project they have running as Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Southern Africa together with Red Cross Children’s hospital. Mrs. Schulman spoke to us about the importance of this program and who this is aimed at. She also share some tips with us on the safe usage of candles. So for more information, you may use the details below.
Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Southern Africa Tel: (021) 686 3833.

11:35 For our second and final interview of today, we spoke to Jo-lene Sathorar of Sibanye. Jo-lene spoke to us about how they would assist people who are doing craft, but focusing more on women. She also shared a bit of the history of Sibanye with us. They also have some programs they have running for the year. So, for more information, you may make use of the details below.
Sibanye Tel: (021) 364 1187.

Our quote for today was: "No one can build his security upon the nobleness of another person." - Willa Cather

Well my friend, this is how we end for today. So from me Adrian, you must have a lekker day in the company of Bush Radio 89.5 fm, have a good one, HAVE FUN.

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