Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hello there. How are you on this hot and lovely Wednesday afternoon. A Nice day for being at the beach, don’t you think? Anyway, this is what we had done for the show:

11:05 For our interview of today we spoke to Lisa from Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic. Lisa informed us about the Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic and the programmes they have running. The programme we focused on for today, was the Medi-twinkle Maternity Programme. We also touched on why it is important for both parents to be involved during pregnancy. She also advised people to do some research on different areas of pregnancy, in order to get the best possible help. So, for more information, you may make use of the details below.
Tel: (021) 799 2911.

Our quote for today: "When I do things without any explanation, but just with spontaneity…I can be sure that I am right." – Federico Fellini

Well, that’s how we end for today. So, from me Adrian, you must have a lekker day in the company of Bush Radio 89.5 fm, have a good one, HAVE FUN.

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