Tuesday, October 23, 2018

What everyone should know about Nonhlanhla Mkhwanazi

Nonhlanhla is a female musician from Joe Slovo also known as Nonnie. She has studied an Office Admin short course and has received her certificate as a qualified Secretary.

Nonhlanhla Mkhwanazi 

A simple African girl half Zulu from Joburg but staying in Joe Slovo with her aunt. Back in Joburg it is different from Cape Town because not many Zulus are found here and she don’t speak the same language. “I took a break from my music when I just arrived in Cape Town and got back in 2017 when I realised this is my passion I can’t stay away, South Africa will get to hear my voice depending on the individual themselves”. She is now being featured on hip hop and kwaito songs and at this moment her music is based on classic deep house.

Nonhlanhla an Khusi Veto

Nonhlanhla worked with someone in KZN by the name of lemarz last year, Cape Town is the right place to be at because, Afro Pop, Afro Jazz and Afro R&B is popular here. She does not perform live music as yet because she has a daily nine to five job. She is planning to go to a jazz club where she can get 
used to performing in front of many people because she is the shy type. She is also planning on joining a programme where they promote upcoming artists. She feels her music is safe because she already registered it, so far she has five songs and an upcoming project hopefully done by the end of the year.  

Facebook : Nonhlanhla Mkhwanazi_Nonnie 
Instagram :Nonhlanhla8562 

Presenter: Khusi Veto
Producers: Rochelle and Zoe 

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