Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Kobus the

Kobus Pieterse is a gardener at Babylonstoren in (Cape Winelands District Municipality) for three years, also doing professional gardening for 25 to 30 years. He has been interested in gardening ever since his childhood years, when he helped his father in their garden at home. He lives in a historical cottage in the beautiful Lanquedoc village where gardening is part of the village culture.

The farm man wants the entire world to celebrate (21st October 2018) Garden day for the third time this year, the movement was started by a group of enthusiastic gardeners who want people to enjoy and celebrate their gardens together.

Kobus is using his gardening skills to “connect with nature, by growing plants, enhancing health and bringing people together to keep South Africans united”. On Saturday the 13th October 2018 in Neighbourhood Good’s Market (Woodstock) Kobus and a team of other gardeners are trying to bring everyone with a garden to interact with each other by inviting each other over by sharing your garden (herbs or company) to enjoy nature with one another. Kobus wants South Africans to explore the goodness of what nature have available for us. The idea of Garden day for Kobus is to invite friends over and wear a flower as a crown to symbolise Garden day on Saturday the 13th October 2018 in Neighbourhood Good’s Market (Woodstock), they even guiding people in his community to make a crown with the garden materials. There is even a app that you can download to help you plant anything step by step.
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