Monday, October 22, 2018

Kabelo Khanye the Dreamer

The 26 year-old Kabelo is a dreamer who always wanted to play and be creative. So he uses his creativity to interact with other people who are also creative. “Music is the focus where we can bring together different talents or passions like music; dances; or fashion, so we combine everything putting it in one product trying to make it raw and true while having fun at the same time” he said. 

Kabelo Khanye and Khusi Veto 

Kabelo is from Joburg, he left Joburg to so he can get out of his ‘comfort zone’. He came to Cape Town to study film at AFDA, The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance; he is doing film in script writing using his experience to challenge himself with what is happening all around him to convey a message to present to people in a different manner.

“As a gay artist coming out a year ago has been a good experience for me and my family” he said. The idea of the rainbow nation is the message to be united and to be one doesn’t matter what skin color, race or sex we are. “Before the end of next year is to continue to just do my thing and be messy Hold you down is my new album and video that has to do with breathing, beholding your own voice, there be will people pulling you into different direction so it is always liberating as an artist just to spend more time with your own voice’. Kabelo is open to all interpretation of reaction on social media.

Instagram: @kabelo.khanye

Presenter: Khusi Veto 
Producers: Zoe Setti and Rochelle Fisher 

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