Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Manu Worldstar (rapper)

Manu Worldstar is the nick name of the original Congolese Emmanuel Mutendj, the nickname came from himself known as (Worldstar). Emmanuel is born in South Africa Johannesburg also known as the City of Gold, but will never forget where he originated from.
Emmanuel Mutendj

Manu Worldstar is a childhood name he got as a kid where it all started, he discovered his talent at the age of 10 years old when he often attended choir rehearsals with mother, even though he wasn’t part of the choir that was where he felt free to sing.   
The 23-year-old artist/rapper/singer/song Emmanuel has a new single released called “Nalingi”, which is doing very good. There are bilingual languages within the song so people from all over Africa can listen to it and remember that we are one no matter where we situated. Emmanuel is a versatile artist who does a bit of everything so his music is in different categories. His debut mixtape had some major impact in the SA Hip-Hop music scene as where his debut made "Mixtape of The Week" slot.

Emmanuel said he “is putting his face on the map of Africa in the next five years”. Manu is also trying to make music last, so he is working on his album for a, so check out Manu’s music and follow him, here are his handles.
Facebook: Manu WorldStar
 Instagram: @manu_worldstar
Twitter: @manu_worldstar

Presenter :  Khusi Veto
Producer : Khusi Veto

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