Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Meet the designer who embrace our culture

The young lady goes by the name of Ayanda Hans who was inspired by the isiXhosa Culture with the main element being the traditional attire, with detailed painting because she loves painting.

Rochelle, Zoe, Ayanda and Khusi

She started designing in 2016 while working as a sales lady, she designed for herself to see the reaction of different people by turning vintage clothes into modern clothes. It is not an easy trade to follow due to all the influence around, so to keep making the designs real and making it alive she has to know how to link her business ideas. She also has to hustle for her own printing because she is doing her own funding, though there are people willing to help and support like family and friends.

Ayanda has a store in Kayalitsha that will launch in December 2018, so people can know who Imveli Designs is. When things go well in 2019 she will expand her business. Her motivation is other fashion designers who are not confident as she is, by using her challenges to help her get through. Ayanda is invited to Barcelona (Spain) for a fashion show but needs R35 000 to get her through.   

Facebook : Imveli Designs
Instagram : Imveli/designs
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Presenter :  Khusi Veto
Producer : Zoe Setti and Rochelle Fisher

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