Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Orphans are Heroes a book by Sell Mangwana

Orphans are Super Heroes
Sello Mangwana, was born and raised in Nyanga East. He is an author, an artist who sings kwaito, he is also the chairman of a soccer team in his community.

‘Orphans are Super Heroes’ is his first book although he is not an orphan himself He was inspired to write this book when he decided to do something for orphans on his birthday. He was also inspired by his spiritual father, a pastor who also goes by the name Major 1, who wrote many books.

Orphans Are Super Heroes

The aim of writing books is to motivate others who are striving to achieve their gaols. His parents didn’t really understand or take him seriously when he wanted to write a book. For Sello writing this book was not very challenging because as a musician, writing lyrics for songs and writing a book go hand in hand.

Sello also gives motivational speeches especially at orphanages.
 As a child, every boys’ dream is to be a super hero like superman, who is a hero but an orphan as well. Superman was a hero for so many, so being an orphan does not mean that dreams cannot be reached. For Sello, life is all about where you’re going and it should not matter where you come from.
He has adopted an orphanage in Nyanga, because he wanted to give back to the children in that community. Sello also believes that the future is now and the youth are the leaders of the present.

Sello has mentoring classes every Saturday and he tries is best to help at least four children from the classes in terms of connecting them to the right people for the goals they have and want to achieve.

At the moment, he is busy writing his second book and even thinking of writing an autobiography once he has released his second book.
His motivational words to anyone on the same career path as him is to never give on your dreams.

Rochelle, Sello, Zoe and Khusi

If anyone wants to get a copy of his book from him they can call or WhatsApp him 079 022 2870.

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Producers: Rochelle Fisher and Zoe Setti

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