Tuesday, October 23, 2018


RayNay are a duo who make English and Afrikaans rap music. Raynold and Nathan are their full names. They are identical twins from De Aar in the Northern Cape. They grew up with their aunts and they were very identical not only in their looks but they also used to dress the same.  Before they officially started their music careers they used to call themselves Black Diamonds, because they had also started a dance crew.

Rochelle,Raynold,Khusi,Nathan and Zoe

The name RayNay came about when they were in grade 8 since 2007. Growing up in De Aar, they grew up in the mountains to entertain themselves. For them it was very different from Cape Town where there is the ocean and many other activities for children. They do go back home in De Aar to visit because they work in Bellville, Cape Town now.

Their musical influences come from the Northern Cape, there is no slang in their Afrikaans music and most of their music is based on their lives and telling their stories.

‘Daddy is life vir jou’ is a song based on one of the brothers’ child. In the song, he is confessing that he loves his child. He said that it was emotionally tough to do the song while they were in studio, because he is confessing his love for his child.

They tend to fight and argue about music and what changes to make but eventually work their differences out.  They do not stick to one genre because they do all types of songs and they even have a few house songs.
RayNay records most of their music at Cosher Recording Studio. One of their songs called ‘Vermaak’ refers to when someone’s partner changes especially when they eventually get into a relationship.

As individuals, there are days when they go through personal things, so they force each other and motivate each other to go to studio and record their music. 

They are currently not signed to a recording label, they are independent artists. 
In 5 years they might go back to the Northern Cape to start their own recording company.

 "Ouens van die 6"(meaning guys of De Aar) is the EP they are currently working on at the moment. They are giving their songs out free online.
They have a CD dropping in November 2018, 6 songs in English and 6 songs Afrikaans. They also have two Sound Cloud pages one for English and one for Afrikaans songs.

Rochelle,Raynold,Khusi,Nathan and Zoe

‘Dink jy nog’ is another song they have, and this song is their experience with girls from the Northern Cape.

Their social media handles are https://soundcloud.com/rnd-twinz-raynay/rndtwinz-drinks-on-us-master and they are also on Facebook as RayNay Mpali.

Presenter: Khusi Veto
Producers: Rochelle Fisher and Zoe Setti

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