Monday, October 30, 2017

Steenberg Screams Talent

Steenberg Screams Talent

Angelo Jansen also known as Slang za, hails from Steenberg.  He classifies the music his as an hip hop  and strongly believe that he is an artist, has  he has done edm tracks and rapped gqom beats. Jansen loves hip hop and says that it is the lifestyle.

Slang also use to be a dancer. His single 'No Hooks' was produced Master mind, who is their producer with the help Saeed Staffels known as The Prodigy za. The Prodigy and Slang are signed under Mastermind Music Cpt as well as Doedvernoordskap. They have movements that they are pushing, the beat of 'No Hooks' is by Marlon from 021 beats.

The Prodigy believes that music is platform where everybody can communicate on and is the one common ground that everyone around the world has. Their families are in support of them following this particular career, but never been to any of their shows. Angelo says that you only get that full support once you have made it, that's when everyone comes closer and wants to know you.
hey admit to Steenberg being a gang infested place, but on the hand their are great people their too. Slang thinks that the surrounding areas namely; Steenberg, Lavender Hill and Retreat got a full production there because of the amount of talent they have. He says that those three places can have one concert and they will have all the kinds of talent available.

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Presenters and Producers: Khusi Veto
Co-Hosts: Michaela Muller and Tyler Layman

By: Michaela Muller

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