Tuesday, October 24, 2017

ULOYIKO brings theatre goers & audiences the dark side of humanity driven by power in Zimbabwe

ULOYIKO brings theatre goers & audiences the dark side of humanity driven by power in Zimbabwe

Prosper Dlodlo and Yanga Mhluzi are members are Uloyiko theatre. They recently got into theatre as a way of communicating the social injustices that are commited against people, one could call it protest theatre. They are also using theatre as a way of advocating for the rights of people.
Uloyiko is a play that brings to theatre goers and audiences the evil, the dark side of humanity driven by lust and quest for absolute power in Zimbabwe, personified by none other than Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the current president of Zimbabwe.

Uloyiko is their third production. Uloyiko speaks about the killing of people during the Genocide and was never spoken about, there were no justice for the people of Matebeleland, and are put at more than 20 000 by the Catholic Commission for Justice Report: Breaking the Silence, Building True Peace released in 1997. The play was launched on the 25th of June 2016 at Hillbrow Theatre in Johannesburg, South Africa and since then has been well received by people in Matebeleland and South Africans and many people in Africa and around the world. The story came about the research that they've done about Zimbabwe and physically going to Zimbabwe and interviewing people and felt that it is necessary for South Africans to speak about it as it intertwines with SA.

Their mission is to expose the Gukurahundi Genocide committed by Robert Mugabe and his cronies in Zimbabwe against the innocent, defenseless and God fearing people in Matebeleland as a campaign for Truth, Justice and Reparations for the Genocide. Their vision and main goal is to create an awareness of Gukurahundi Genocide and support the people of Matebeleland to attain Truth, Justice and Reparations for the Genocide as well as attain the freedom from all forms pf oppression in Zimbabwe.

The target audience are people of Matebeleland, South Africans and Africans and international audiences-. Their objective is to perform Uloyiko Theatre Play to various audiences for the the awareness of Gukurahuni Genocide.

Presenters and Producers: Khusi Veto
Co-Hosts: Michaela Muller, Tyler Layman and Denise Pattersen

By: Michaela Muller

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