Thursday, October 05, 2017

Interview with Lauren Segal

Author of Cancer: A love story 

On the Morning Cruise today we had Lauren who is a 4 time cancer survivor and author of the book called; Cancer: A love story. We asked her to share her journey with us. She told us about how she fought cancer and that the first time she was diagnosed with cancer she was 23 years old then at a later stage was then diagnosed with breast cancer. She shared how fearful she was especially when she had to go through Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy because these processes were going to change her appearance. In all that her family supported her through this period in her life.

How she ended up writing her book started with journal entries which were basically her feelings and thoughts as she was going through with her cancer journey. After being told how great her journals were as she shared them with some people, she then wrote a book about her cancer survival story and the reason for this book was to educate people who might be going through a similar situation as hers, that they may find courage and understand that it is ok to feel like a "coward" and to have great fear when it comes to the treatment of cancer. The title of her book comes across as controversial because how can cancer be a love story. What she was trying to display was the fact that although it was not easy, the love, support and care she received from her loved ones made things feel better and created a feeling of being hopeful.

Lauren will be having a book launch on the 10th of October at the book lounge at Roland street, Cape Town. Here she will be having conversations with other authors and also give a chance to anyone who attends the launch to interact with her and also ask any questions about the book or her personal journey.  Her book is now available at Exclusive Books, CNA and also available online.

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