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By Denisia Adams

1. Inclined to keep one's thoughts, feelings, and personal affairs to oneself.
2. Restrained or reserved in style.
3. Reluctant; unwilling.

Eg. It's odd that many people who love to gossip about someone else are so reticent about their own lives.

Who were the first winners of the Currie Cup rugby trophy?
A - Stormers B – Griqualand West C – The Warriors

Answer: B – Griqualand West

On average, you speak almost 5,000 words a day - although almost 80% of speaking is self-talk (talking to yourself). ALSO DID YOU KNOW The liver is the largest of the body's internal organs. The skin is the body's largest organ.

How to Avoid Being Stuck in Traffic
Step 1

First, find out what your options for public transportation are in your area. Using trains and subways will cut down on your time spent frustrated behind the wheel. Even if you are stuck in traffic on a bus you can spend that time reading or working on a laptop instead of swearing at people who cut in front of you.
Step 2
Explore car pooling in your area. If you live near coworkers this is the best. As in the bus example above, you may still be in traffic but at least you wont be the one driving in it every day. And if enough people did this it would reduce the amount of traffic on the roads.
Step 3
Know the alternate traffic routes you can take to work and back home. Don't just assume the biggest highway is the most efficient route for you to take. Experiment with alternate routes on your way home or use mapquest for alternate suggestions. Sometimes just a slight adjustment on the back roads can save you time and frustration because everyone else is using the route you would normally take.
Step 4
Next, ask your employer about flexible hours. If you normally work from 8:30 to 5 then ask if you can work from 7:30 to 4 or 9:30 to 6. This will help you avoid the peak traffic times. Granted if you work 9:30 to 6 you will get to work and back home a little later but at least you wont be as stressed in the process.
Step 6
Also aware of the school bus schedule's and routes near your home and work. Having to drive past a school or getting stuck behind an elementary school bus are sure ways to increase your commuting time. Even if an alternate route ads a mile or two to your commute it will at least be a mile spent moving faster than 10 MPH.
Step 7
Finally, if your commute isn't too far and you really want to get crazy you can walk or ride your bike to work. Not only will this cut down on the time you are stuck behind the wheel, but it will improve your health too.

Gert Baam from the City of Cape Town’s City Sport, Recreation and Amenities department. He joined us to speak to us about the launch to Klip Road Sports Ground in Grassy.

We also played an interview done with Grant Veitch from the Youth Football Academy.

Benjamin Franklin
Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.

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