Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It’s still August which means it’s still time to celebrate woman, phenomenal woman! Check out who joined in on the celebration.
By Denisia Adams

1. To produce saliva.
2. (Informal) To be full of desire or eagerness for something: salivated at the idea of winning the lottery.

What 1950 act of Parliament required all South Africans to be registered in terms of their race?

A- act of injustice B- Population Registration Act C – The act

Answer: B- Population Registration Act

The first train reached a top speed of only 8 km/h (5 mph). Also did you know The shortest scheduled airline flight is made between the island of Westray to Papa Westray off Scotland. The flight lasts 2 minutes.

How to Enjoy Your Own Company
Are you afraid to spend time alone and will you do anything to avoid it? If you are constantly avoiding alone time, here are some things to think about that just might help in setting you free.
Step 1
Is doing “anything” better than being alone?-If doing anything feels better than being alone, you need to deal with this issue, because doing “anything” is not better than being alone. -When we run from something (being alone), the focus remains on the running and not what we are doing.
Step 2
Do you feel anxious when faced with the prospect of being alone?--The feeling of anxiety lets us know that the feelings we are running from are beginning to rise to the surface; that’s what happens when we spend time alone.-You will always feel anxious when you enter unknown territory. You are used to being distracted. When you are alone, many of those familiar distractions are removed; as a result, you will initially feel anxious.
Step 3
You must face your fears or you will always be running.-Running becomes very tedious, very tiring. The only way you will ever be able to stop running, is to turn around and invite the demons in. -When you face your fears and refuse to run, the chase stops!
Step 4
Spending time alone is the ONLY way to really know your SELF.-It is only in the quiet moments that we are able to KNOW the depths of who we really are. -Can you not answer your cell, turn the TV off, and sit quietly? -Can you bear the anxiety that comes from not being distracted? If you can, you will be rewarded with an expanded sense of Self.
Step 5
Enjoying your own company is the reward.-To be able to have a solid sense of Self - whether you are with people or alone - is what you want to happen. -There is NOTHING better than enjoying your own company!!!

Gail Lesch from Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital. She joined us to talk about their woman’s month event taking place 21st August 2009 called Healthy Woman. There’ll be various speakers so there’ll be talks on healthy finance, hair and makeup tips, eating plans, also very important a doctor will be giving the woman a talk on cervical cancer and lastly Ivan Zimmerman will be serenading the woman all day. Gail will be organising another event similar to the Healthy Woman event in October to find out more contact Gail Lesch on 021 554 9063/ 36 or email

Lastly a woman very passionate about her organisation joined us in studio that goes by the name Sandra Hendricks. She’s from a one year old woman’s organisation called POWER, P roject O ffering W oman E mpowerment & R esources for the future. They’ve provided a place where women get empowered by discovering their talents/ their worth. They provide arts and crafts, talks on business management and more. The organisation was born from scripture that states “Teach the older women…then they can train the younger women…”. It provides all those girls and woman with the necessary resources they often lack. Even though the organisation is faith-based it is open to all, different beliefs, culture etc. To find out more contact Sandra Hendricks on 021 391 78 91 or 074 258 2058

Albert Camus
To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others.

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