Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Find out where woman go when cheated on and about the dynamics of relationships between men and woman
By Denisia Adams

To say or do again or repeatedly. Synonym repeat

In which ocean is Robben Island.
Answer: Atlantic

Completing a traditional marathon means running a staggering 26.2 mi (42 km), but each year, more than 70,000 runners worldwide tackle an even greater challenge—the ultramarathon. Ultramarathons are races that require competitors to run hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles, often while facing severe conditions like inclement weather, changes in elevation, or rugged terrain. Events can last mere hours or span several days.

How to Protect Your Home when Guests With Small Children Visit

Shut the doors to rooms that you do not want the kids entering. This creates barriers that you can then enforce by telling the children politely but firmly not to enter. Should you discover them opening any of these doors, you are perfectly within your rights to raise this directly with the parents. Remind them you are happy for their children to enter those parts of the house that you have left open.
Put away DVDs and CDs. These are easy to break and are attractive to children of all ages. If you have children's DVDs and you do not mind the children sitting in the TV area, make them available by having them pre-loaded in your DVD player. Just let them look at the covers and choose what they want to watch from those.
Ensure that any eating occurs away from areas that can be impacted by stains. If this means leaving the living room to go to the dining room for snacks and afternoon tea, then this may well have to be the price that is paid for your sanity. Alternatively, you might like to set up a children's corner in your living room, covered by a blanket to create a boundary.
Ensure that the parents are actively parenting. Sometimes parents are so relieved to think someone is else is looking out for their kids that they forget to stay vigilant themselves. Gently remind them that you aren't very good with kids and that your house is not very child-proofed. Also add that it would be appreciated if the parents could take care in keeping an eye out for possible dangers to their kids around the house.
Be flexible. We were all kids once. Sometimes we have to let go and just accept what kids do. And move on to the stain manual afterwards. There are some great wikiHows under cleaning to help you.

Another winner!! Today’s actually winner is named Eugene Titus, he walks away with a got-to-have Golden Cloud Hamper worth R500.00

We then were joined by Pam Nicholson who joined us to speak about her support group for women who experienced or who is experiencing extra martial affairs within the marriages.

Lastly we spoke to Debbie Damon from Artscape. She joined us to invite us to the Men’s Discussion Forum a free of charge discussion of the dynamics of relationships between men and women. To find out more visit or contact the general office number 021 410 9800.

The whole of life is but a moment of time. It is our duty, therefore to use it, not to misuse it.

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