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Find out how to get involved with a nicotine support group and let Kathy McQuaide get you healthy and happy.

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By Denisia Adams

Impossible to dispute; unquestionable: incontrovertible proof of the defendant's innocence

Which region of South Africa is known as ‘Paradise Country’?
A – Mpumalanga (Eastern Highveld) B – your backyard C – Paradise Country

Answer: A – Mpumalanga (Eastern Highveld

DID YOU KNOW (http://www.didyouknow.org/)
Chess boxing combines the two supposed activities, speed chess and boxing, in a competition that tests participants' mental agility and physical prowess. Matches consist of as many as 11 alternating four-minute chess sessions and two-minute boxing rounds. A competitor can win by knockout, checkmate, judge's decision, or if his opponent's 12 minutes of chess time elapses. The sport, now governed by the World Chess Boxing Organisation, was first envisioned in 1992 by Enki Bilal

How to Live Within Your Budget

Step 1
List all of your expenses, savings and income from the past year. Use your checkbook register, credit card receipts and bills to do this.
Step 2
Determine, as accurately as possible, what expenses you expect to have for the next year. You can project expenses for a shorter period, such as the next three months, then multiply by four for yearly expenses.
Step 3
Enter this information into a ledger or computer-based financial program to accurately track your income and expenses.
Step 4
Determine what you can reasonably afford to spend each month and then track how well you are doing by entering actual expenses into the ledger or computer program.
Step 5
If you find that you are spending less than you had anticipated, you may want to put more money in your savings account to help out with unexpected expenses.
Step 6
If you find that you are spending more than anticipated, try identifying the items you really don't need (new clothes, CDs, expensive dinners) and avoid purchasing them until you are back within your budget.

Members of Nicotine Anonymous, Evelyn Nangle and Edmond.
Something for all the smoke/nicotine addicts out there. This morning at 10.35am I was a subject of nicotine addiction counseling. Yip, that’s right.
My findings is that I have a medium level of addiction and having chest problems since I’ve been knee high could be due to the fact that as a young kid I was exposed to secondhand smoke. I also found that nicotine addiction is harder let go than heroine and cocaine. I was joined by Edmond (surname will remain anonymous) who is currently fighting his addiction. He shared with us how he found that smoking was in fact escapism. He smoked to avoid life, life’s challenges etc. So this is definitely something to ponder. Next time you light up ask yourself, “What am I doing?”, “Why am I doing this?”, “Am I avoiding something?’. It is true that smoking can relax you it’s an upper and a downer, get you going (moving) and assist with weight lost due to the stimulant that exists within. That stimulant is the very thing that is dangerous. Smoking like other lethal drugs can affect your mood and essentially affect your life. Smoking can even be dangerous for women who want to get pregnant.
Ways that assist with stopping a crave is changing your lifestyle, attend support groups, breathing really deeply for 4minutes, exercise, get busy and try to avoid being inactive. To find out more about Nicotine anonymous contact 021 790 7779

Lastly we spoke to Kathy McQuaide who is getting people healthy and happy. She joined us to speak about the Move for your Health initiative that one could find in local community papers, providing useful tips on how to get healthy. We also spoke about the many events the initiative is running one of which is taking the 30 August in Claremont it’s a 5km and 10km run/walk, it’s called the 2009 Don Lock Memorial Move For your health event.
The initiative is aimed at the youth as well due to an alarming finding of kids as young as 10 years old are suffering from diabetes and are obese.

David Burns,
Intimate Connections
There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is you.

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