Thursday, June 19, 2008

By Chanel September

Good Day! How are you doing? I hope that you had an absolutely fabulous on this oh so good Thursday. Today is the 19th of June 2008 and that of course means that it is the Thursday edition of the Morning Cruise…Now yesterday I said that I find people that complain all the time so so irritating and I though about it some more and thought well in a away that’s what I have been doing to some extent…so as from today I refuse to complain about how cold it is or how it is raining, but I’ll just accept it and think of those that don’t have and speaking about those people that don’t apart from thinking about me complaining I also thought about trips to the dentist and to the doctors…are you afraid of those dreaded trips mmm…

Moving onto today’s show we had all the usuals such as you’re Word of the Day, your SA Q&A, Information Guide, JobShop, and you’re Tip of the Day.

We also had interviews with:

Tanya Shriria and she’s from the Nanny Village she just spoke to us about the organization itself and how to become an au pair. For more information call (021) 671 2249.

· We also featured a package done by Denisia Adams the producer of the MC on the Cape Town Book Fair that took place this past weekend.

· Lastly we spoke to Jurgen Smit from Favour SA talking to us about WUSO which is the Woodstock, University Estate, Salt River and Observatory members group. If you would like to know more about WUSO call 082 466 7713

Word of the Day:

PRIMP - spend time making minor adjustments

Trivial Question:

Q: Name the minister of health?
A: C – Manto Shabalaza Msigmang

Tip of the Day:

I spoke about how to just simply enjoy life…because life should be enjoyed don’t you think. Hopefully the following tips will help you enjoy your life more…

Enjoy Life Tip No. 1 - Always take time to smell the roses.

Enjoy Life Tip No. 2 - Get up 30 minutes early and go for a brisk walk. Come home and have something to eat. Doesn't matter what happens after that - you've had a great start to the day!

Enjoy Life Tip No. 3 - Every now and then it is OK to be totally selfish! Plan a day that is totally indulgent! Do what YOU want to do. Do it all day. Don't feel guilty about it. It is your day. Plan it so that you do as many of your favorite things all in the same day. It's OK - you've earned it!

Enjoy Life Tip No. 4 - Exercise every day. A walk is fine (and at your own pace). You will be literally amazed at how clearer your thinking is and how less stressed you become. Try it for one week and let me know how you went!

Enjoy Life Tip No. 5 - This follows quite nicely. At the end of each day congratulate yourself on what you have achieved - do not whip yourself for what you didn't get done. You will have another chance tomorrow. Focus on your positive achievements.

Enjoy Life Tip No. 6 - Don't take life too seriously. That issue that you think is so important - isn't. Next week it will matter less, next year even less. Ten years from now - will you even remember? One hundred years from now - will it matter? Ten million years from now?

Quote of the Day:

Eleanor Roosevelt - The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

It’s time for me to love and leave you. You must have oh so super Thursday. Let’s chat again tomorrow…Much Love…Peace.

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