Thursday, August 03, 2017

Rapper TG

Tamara Botha, also known as TG, joined us in studio today and showcased her music. TG characterizes herself as a Hip-Hop artist who mixes the Rap and Trap genres. She has an EP coming out next week with an album to follow. She has already dropped a few singles from the EP, which we got to listen to in the studio. 

TG doesn’t just rap, however, she is currently studying Accounting Sciences at UNISA and taking more classes on the side. She keeps busy, but knows how to manage her time well enough to follow both of her interests in music and in accounting. 

As a female in the rap world, TG has learned to stand up for herself. She spoke about the important issue of sexual harassment that can exist in the industry, but TG doesn’t allow those influences to throw her off. When making deals with record labels and other business colleagues, TG focuses on her music instead of getting entangled in the occasional hardships of being a woman in the rapping world.     

Follow TG on her social media accounts:

Twitter: TGonthemicyheas
Facebook: TG Botha 

Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto
Producer: Sophie Breck

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