Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Magnet Theatre: Local Stories from Local Communities

Yonela Sithela & Zukisani Nongogo work for Magnet Theater work as facilitators for the program called Culture Gangs. Yonela Sithela started training at Magnet Theatre in 2012 as a Expanded Public Works Programme and then was offered a contract to be a facilitator. Zukisani studied theatre at UCT  and then got an internship at Magnet Theatre as a part of a Expanded Public Works Programme. Yonela Sithela was inspired by her neighbor who used to travel a lot with her drama group. She joined her neighbors group at Delft and after doing workshops there she never looked back.

Culture gang is one of Magnet Theatre's many outreach projects. They work with drama groups and schools where they run  monthly skills workshops. They also visit holiday programmes and provide career guidance and assistance with identifying and applying for further education opportunities. Culture Gang is hoping to expand the programme, but due to funding they can only reach certain communities.

Our guests emphasised that more people should go to their local theatres. Not many people know that local stories are being told in their own communities, so Magnet Theatre wants to encourage communities to go watch their local shows.

Magnet theatre is also helping upcoming theatre artists by offering an opportunity to showcase their work through their programme, Culture Gang. To read more about the Theatre and see their programmes you can go to:

Facebook: Magnet Theatre
: Zukisani Ngongo
: Yonela Sithela
Email Address: culturegangs@magnettheatre.co.za

Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto
Producer: Sophie Breck

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