Thursday, August 10, 2017

Calling all Craftspeople of Cape Flats... Check out Made in Everywhere

Sisters Natasha and Michelle Taillard came to Bush Radio to speak about their new startup company called, Made in Everywhere. Their company is a marketplace for artists and craftspeople as well as entrepreneurs from the Cape Flats. The goal is to rebrand the Cape Flats and highlight the positive talent that is often hidden within the various Cape Flats communities.

The two sisters grew up together in Mitchell’s Plain and say that they work well together as co-founders of Made in Everywhere. Natasha runs the marketing while Michelle goes out to find the makers for their brand. Because the sisters are passionate about their work, they look for passionate vendors as well. They have one-on-one meetings with each new client that they bring to their company so that they can get to know the talented craftsmen of the Cape Flats personally.

The startup began with the seed of an idea to give the artists and vendors of Cape Flats their own brand. The sisters put their marketing and entrepreneurial skills together to create Made In Everywhere, which sells goods from the Cape Flats online. The company has only been operating since December of last year, but will be hosting their first pop-up store at the Open Design Festival this Sunday, 13 August. In addition to selling their wares in person at the festival, the sisters will give a talk about their company and entrepreneurship.

Their advice for striving businessmen and women alike is to never give up and have perseverance. The start of a company can be slow going… the sisters have experienced this first hand, but by doing what you love and pushing through a slow or rough start, you can indeed create your own startup.

Check out the wares that Made in Everything will be selling at the Open Design Festival and listen to their talk on Sunday. You can also purchase their wares made in the Cape Flats online at their website: You can also reach them for business purposes on 073-703-7879.

Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto
Producer: Sophie Breck

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