Tuesday, August 01, 2017

High On Life: Bridgetown Theatre Company

Don't get high on drugs, get high on LIFE. This is one of the messages that Bridgetown Theatre hopes to convey through their theatre production called High On Life. We spoke with three of the performers in studio today who have a range of talents: Kim is an actor, singer, and dancer and both Carren and Noxolo act as well as dance. These three ladies illustrate that art can be a career. 

Bridgetown Theatre Company is a non profit community-based arts and cultural organisation. They aim to bring community unity through the performing arts. They provide training programmes and also put on productions like the upcoming show, High On Life. 

Our three guests emphasised the importance of influencing young people who are choosing their future paths. Their show raises awareness about drug use and hopes to steer young people away from becoming involved with drugs. They hope that their show gives youngsters the power to recognize that "if you know you can be better than becoming involved in drugs, than be better than that". 

Carren also spoke about their influence of being local performers. By performing for their own communities, the actors show their audience from the stage that you can have personal struggles and still live happily doing your passion. Instead of pursuing acting jobs in international cities, each of our guests said that they want to stay local so that they can be influential in their own communities. 

To contact Bridgtown Theatre Company, follow their facebook page, Bridgetown Theatre Company. 

Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto
Producer: Sophie Breck 

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