Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Mix Masala: Fusions of House Music

In our last interview of the day, we spoke with musicians, Rico White and Theo Watt. Both are from  Bontewel and produce their music there locally. Rico and Theo worked together to create the album, Mix Masala, which was released a few weeks ago. Theo is the lead singer of the local Cape town band, The Rockets, and Rico has been making music since the 1970's.

One of Rico's biggest influences in his early music career was Michael Jackson when he sang with his brothers in the band, Jackson 5. Rico says that his own genre of music is difficult to characterize. He fuses his music with various influences to create a genre that he calls, Ghetto House. "Music is like a comforter in the ghettos," Rico said, so he hopes that his music will reach a large audience.

Now Rico and Theo are working on filming music videos for their songs. Today we heard a selection of their songs:
You're Sexy - Theo Watt
Child Abuse - Mix Masala
Ama Kokkorot 2K17 - Mix Masala

To check out more of their music and to contact Rico and Theo, use the contact information below:
Rico White - 076-738-0005
Theo Watt - 081-049-5761

Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto
Producer: Sophie Breck

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