Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Learning to Box with Mduduzi Mncube

Pictured above: Khusi learning the proper boxing stance
This morning we learned the basics of boxing in studio with Mduduzi Mncube. Our guest used to be a professional boxer until his shoulder injury took him out of the ring. Mduduzi is originally from Mount Clair, but has been living in Cape town since 2009. He grew up fighting on the street, but then moved to the gym to learn the sport of boxing. He fought for the first time in 2003 in Soweto and came out victorious.

Now Mduadzi trains kids between the ages of 6 and 12 through his own program. Boxing teaches “discipline, encouragement, and respect,” says Mduduzi, which is important for youngsters to learn. Mduduzi attributes his transition to becoming a principled man from his boxing training, and he hopes to pass on these life skills as well as boxing skills to the kids he currently teaches.

Right now, Mduduzi is preparing one of his students for a tournament in September. She is only 12 years old, but is quite talented. If you also want to learn boxing, you can find Mduduzi on Facebook:
Facebook: Mduduzi Mncube Mdu

Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto
Producer: Sophie Breck

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