Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Young Designers Series :: Celeste Arendse and Robynne Kahn

Today was the first installment of our Young Designers Series, where we interview up and coming designers in Cape Town and speak to them about what it takes to get in the industry, stay in the industry and succeed in the industry.

We spoke to Mrs Robynne Kahn Special Projects Fashion Director at Cosmopolitan SA/ Founder of A Fashion Friend as well as young designer Celeste Arendse owner of the label Selfi.

Celeste Arendse-  Selfi

A Fashion Design Graduate of Cape Peninsula University of Technology in 2007, Celeste Lee Arendse started Selfi in 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa. After working for Malcom Kluk and CGDT in 2008 she became a Elle New talent finalist in 2009 and from there ventured into creating her own brand.

Inspired by architecture, forms and patterns in nature, each garment is designed to represent an innovative twist toward existing women’s apparel.
The name Selfi was created from the word self which stems from the dreamlike, juvenile part of the self which remains dormant to most. The idea was to unlock this state through playing with pattern, form and shape. Recreating, manipulating and ultimately capturing an essence or a spirit of the time. Ideally each piece should reflect a nostalgic, dreamlike connection between the wearer and item. And ultimately create form and shape from an essence which is formless and shapeless.

To find our where you can get hold of Celeste or Selfi clothing you get hold of Celeste on 082 724 74 85 or email also check out the Selfi website here or you can buy her clothing from anywhere in the world here
Also if you are or know of  a designer/stylist/makeup artist and are interested in entering the industry or want to get a hold of Robynne you can find her here on Twitter or here on Facebook or you can email Robynne.

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