Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tech Tuesday with Bernelle Verster of TEDxCapeTown

Today we had our inaugaral Tech Tuesday show with Bernelle Verster from TEDxCapeTown.

Bernelle believes an integrated approach to education, waste management (a subsection of ‘sustainability’) and economic viability is achievable. As curator of TEDxCapeTown, she enjoys creating cooperative relationships between entrepreneurs, philosophers, creatives, academics and business professionals, younger and older, and exposing them to Ideas Worth Spreading. Together with public participation events like TEDx, she believes a new model of entrepreneurship & business can be used to create positive change in the paradigms prevalent in society today.

More about TEDxCapeTown:

There are a trio of TEDxCapeTown events planned in the coming months: 

TEDxYouth @ CapeTown (26 May Aquarium, Waterfront)TEDxCapeTownED (16 June at Tatanga Junction)

TEDxCapeTown, 21 July 2012 Baxter Theatre – themed ‘What We Play Is Life’, creates a platform for unheard change-makers, individuals with profound and BIG ideas, to gain exposure and support from our audience who have the networks, passion and knowledge that can help stimulate and drive these ideas to the market. This will encourage tangible impact to our innovation and entrepreneurial landscape here in South Africa. We want to use innovation and entrepreneurship to make a difference in all areas including service delivery and human health. Attending this event is not a ticket, but a vision, and a shared belief and commitment that big ideas are achievable and in our grasp.

For more information checkout the TEDxCapeTown website http://www.tedxcapetown.org/

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