Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ruben Engel in Studio @RubenEngel007 #racedebate

Ruben Engel, Actor/Filmmaker/Philanthropist, joined us in studio as the first guest in our #racedebate Morning Cruise show today. The conversation focussed mainly on his article which was published on NEWS24 entitled The Coloured Social Genocide

A quote for the article:

"Our Nation is more liked to a bunch of knotted, multi colored shoe laces. The growing tension is making it ever harder to untangle all the hate knots. We are 18 years into democracy after many years of…emotional and physical abuse. Now that is a teenager with an identity crises waiting to rage against the machine. Those of us who are in the positions to influence this teenager cannot be acting as many of our politicians do. This teenager is at the brink of war with itself. We as nation, I believe are on the verge of a social war that is the result of our current government using APARTHEID tactics to GAIN ABSOLUTE CONTROL of our diverse and DEMOCRATIC NATION!"

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