Thursday, May 31, 2012

In Studio ::: Ayanda Mabulu

Ayanda Mabulu was born in King William's Town in 1981. He moved to Cape Town where he started working as a full time artist at the Good Hope Art studios. He has been involved with a various community projects including teaching art skills to hiv orphans. He participated in Art projects in the community where he picked up a few basic techniques of painting. These skills helped develop his unique style.

Our discussion today was about freedom of expression in this new democracy we have in South Africa. This dynamic and conscious artist touched on issues of black consciousness, how the people must take back their power from those in power and the role of the arts in a functional democracy. Ayanda Mabulu feels very strongly that artists HAVE TO tell the stories of the environments that they find themselves in and be allowed to do so uncensored. We also spoke about his controversial painting Ngcono ihlwempu kunesibhanxo sesityebi (Better poor than a rich puppet)

Ayanda Mabulu's art is expressed in the way he speaks and is not just limited to the canvas. It permeates every ounce of his being. 
VIVA Freedom of Expression VIVA

Ngcono ihlwempu kunesibhanxo sesityebi (Better poor than a rich puppet)

Google search AYANDA MABULU for more information on the Artist and where his work is being exhibited.

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