Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SOUT Interview ::: @RubenEngel007 and Robyn Radcliffe

SOUT - Soldiers of Uplifting Thought

SOUT is a group of creatives from the local service, media, entertainment and fashion industries that are willing to share our resources, influence, talent and muscle to inspire our youth to greater heights through various charity events. The initiative is spear-headed by Ruben Engel and Robyn Radcliffe who have been regulars on The Morning Cruise pver the past few months.
The interview touched on the journey from "Fill The Gap" which happens on Thursdays - an initiative where people from all walks of life and different industries buy/bake a pie and gives it to someone on the street and uses the opportunity to also get to know each other and form meaningful relationships beyond just providing food for the homeless.

People are encouraged to take up the challenge of this initiative wherever they find themselves in the world. So share some food EVERY THURSDAY, a pie, left overs or anything with that person who begs often at your car window or petrol station and POST your NAME, the FOOD SUBSTANCE and SUBURB in their Facebook group: SOUT Facebook Group

Inspire Compassion.

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