Friday, May 25, 2012

#AfricaDay Interview with @apoetryofliving @LilCya @badilishapoetry

from left: Linda Kaoma, Siyabonga Njica, Mbali Vilakazi

We had a poetic explosion in studio today with our inspiring guests. The conversation circled around Africa Day and touched on what it means to be African. What emerged from the conversation is that we must celebrate Africa, the triumphs, the beauty and the majesty of this beautiful continent.

Linda Kaoma is the Project Manager of Badilisha Poetry Exchange which is an Africa Centre initiative. The website is a site which seeks to connect and promote African Poets and Poets from the diaspora. Visit the site and follow the easy instructions and you as a poet can have your own profile on this amazing site. You can find Badilisha Poetry on Facebook Badilisha Poetry on Facebook

Siyabonga Njica is an emerging poet on the Cape Town scene and submitted his poem "My Dream for Africa" as part of our Africa Day Poetry Project.

My dream for Africa

My dream for Africa
Is that she blossoms beyond her barriers,
That the values and belief system she upholds,consoles and carries us.
My dream for Africa
Is that she becomes united as one,
Where the lineage of her daughters and son's,
Dance to the the beat of the same drum.
My dream for Africa
Is that she relieves her child soldiers from war,
Where all citizens can be equal before the law,
And the gap decreased between rich and poor.
My dream for Africa
Is that she combats the pandemic of Aids,
Where her infants get to live longer than just today
Away from starvation, death-beds and pain.
My dream for Africa
Is that she conserves our cultural heritage.
Where the marimba's and indigenous sounds of the djembe,
Get to be heard for many more millenniums.
My dream for Africa
Is that she promotes black pride and identity,
My dream for Africa
Is that she reaps the fruit of her soil and history.

Mbali Vilakazi is a force of nature. Her very being oozes poetry and consciousness. This award-winning Poet just returned to South Africa from an European Tour and graced our studio with her presence today. Her poetry speaks for itself, check out her website here

You can follow all our guests on Twitter:
Linda Kaoma - @badilishapoetry
Siyabonga Njica - @LilCya
Mbali Vilakai - @apoetryofliving

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