Wednesday, June 10, 2009

By Denisia Adams

Good day to all you beautiful people. Yes as you can tell I got it ALL this morning and by that I mean I woke up on the right side of the bed and I had breakfast.

Today on our Gender Hub Show our topic we (the morning cruise team) focused on was/is a subject that bugs bother men and women alike, HEALTH – OUR BODIES – FAT!!! Check it out:

sybarite \SIB-uh-ryt\
, noun:A person devoted to luxury and pleasure.

Which South African sports team is known as ‘Amajita’?
A – under 13’s B – under 23 C – under 20
Answer: C – under 20 soccer team

Soon after building started in 1173, the foundation of the Pisa tower settled unevenly. Construction was stopped, and was continued only a 100 year later. It then became visibly clear that the Tower of Pisa is leaning, tilting to the south.

Since regular measuring of the tower began in 1911, the top of the tower has moved 1,2 millimetres (0,05 inch) per year. Today the top of the Tower of Pisa is some 5,3m (17,4 ft) off-centre.

There are 296 steps to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

How to Easily Save Money On The Food You Eat

Step 1
Always eat breakfast in your own home. Get up 15 minutes earlier and you can have a healthy and inexpensive breakfast. For adults, include the coffee so you will avoid the temptation of that overly-priced cup on the way to work.Put on the coffee the night before and invest in a thermos cup to take to work.Make your own lunch. Plan for this when you shop so you will have a variety of ingredients and no excuses.

Step 2
Cut out the soft drinks. This is not just an economy move but also a move towards better health for your whole family. If you MUST have a canned drink to survive, bring it from home. Bulk buying saves.

Drink water

Eat fresh fruit. Buy what is in season.

Buy what is on sale. When you shop, have a list but be ready to make changes if for example the chicken is not on sale but the ground beef is.Learn to turn your back on temptation. That means not listening to the pleas of your children for extra treats or snacks when shopping.

Have the weeks meals well planned so you know exactly what and how you are cooking.Eat your dessert apple on the way home or as you cook to avoid the hunger pangs which can lead to impulse buying of junk food meals. Give fruit to hungry whining children. There is no harm in having dessert first if it is a nourishing dessert.

Step 3
If you must eat out, consider having an afternoon drink before you leave home. This will be a fraction of the cost of a restaurant drink.Come home for your coffee and even your dessert. These are big ticket items in restaurants.

Step 4
If you really want to save, eat vegetarian meals when out. They are healthy and much more economical.Remember that lunch menus vary little and are less expensive than dinner menus. Take your friends and co-workers out to lunch instead of dinner if at all possible.Before you go out to a restaurant, inquire about their charges. Then you will not be in for any unpleasant surprises when you are presented with the menu.
Step 5
Junk food is bad for your health and generally over-priced so avoid it for yourself and for your children. Do make sure that you treat yourself occasionally. Food is one of life's greatest pleasures.

Philip du Toit – Personal Trainer from Bella Rosa Lifestyle in Durbanville (021- 914 92 85). He (and others) joined us to discuss our gender hub topic being Men, Women and our bodies. It’s the one subject men and women fixate about, "I’m too fat", "I’m too thin". Philip spoke about our fitness and it is true generally men do lose weight quicker than women due to testosterone and muscle content. Also he mentioned that lots of women have this idea that working out with weights makes them bigger and won’t lose the fat. It’s officially a myth. Basically men and women are different in obvious places but generally fitness/health is pretty much the same or least the way we should go about it.

One of the most difficult things for men and women to do is to DI-E-T. We then spoke to dietician Claire McMahon who says that men and women have to do the same thing really. We need to avoid quick-fixes and ridiculous eating plans ones that don’t include any carbohydrates or meats, especially ones that starve you or in some men cases ones that have to much of everything. Protein and moderation is very important when trying to lose weight or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Basically when trying to lose weight or trying to become healthy it’s a lifestyle change something that has to be worked on daily. Most importantly there are NO QUICK FIXES and also accept your build. For men and women, if you’re designed to look a certain way, don’t force it otherwise.

Lastly we were joined by Debbie Nash the Clinical Director for Montrose Manor. She joined us to speak about eating disorders. This includes being obsessed with image and weight. She went on to say that eating disorders is seen as the psychosocial illness of the century. She also responded to some of the comments made by the everyday person on the street about eating disorders.

***The message here is we need to accept who we are outside and inside. Which does not mean accepting our ugly habits and unhealthy lifestyles. It is time for good change but be patient with yourself, our "systems" work differently so don’t focus on others and just love yourself. ***

Karen Horney
~ Fortunately analysis is not the only way to resolve inner conflicts. Life itself still remains a very effective therapist.

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