Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In Studio Today: The Jesse Jordan Band

The Jesse Jordan Band

With over 10 years behind them, 3 albums and 4 music videos later, The Jesse Jordan Band is far from slowing down. With the 4th Album in progress, Jesse, alongside Hein, Logan & JP is raising the bar as they define their new sound of Rock

Jesse Jordan plays the acoustic guitar and fronts the Jesse Jordan Band. He started singing at a very early age but learnt to play guitar in high school.Jesse’s been playing gigs professionally since age 16 and has grown as both a songwriter and a performer.

 Hein Schultz also a graphic artist & animator, started playing rhythm guitar in JJB for a while then developed and progressed to a lead guitarist and now is a very important element in the Jesse Jordan Band sound.

Logan Scott has worked as a freelance bass player since he was in high school and has toured and played every major festival in South Africa. Known for his rock solid groove, Logan brings the perfect foundation to the Jesse Jordan Band as the link between the harmonic, melodic and rhythmic element.

JP Crouch, husband & father of 3, has worked in almost every musical genre ranging from Gospel, jazz, RnB, pop and theatre to major stage productions. Over the last 3 years JP has firmly established himself as the BEAT of the Jesse Jordan Band.


Recorded during the Winter of 2011, the Jesse Jordan Band worked with multi-award winning producer and recording engineer Jurgen Von Wechmar, Owner of Sunset Recording Studios, and produced what they feel is their best work to date.

Given the opportunity by Robin & Christine Thompson, prominent music business professionals from Namibia, they seized the chance to produce an album that captured the perfect blend of Jesse’s amazing vocal range and acoustic guitar skills, Hein’s powerful guitar tone and catchy riffs, Logan’s solid bass lines that holds everything together and JP’s rhythmic, versatile and dynamic drumming.

With an awesome chemistry among these members, whether in the rehearsal room, recording studio or live stage, the Jesse Jordan Band brings a lot more to the party than meets the eye.

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Catch The Jesse Jordan Band

Venue: Obs Cafe


Date: Friday 19 July


Tickets: R20-R30




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