Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In Studio Today: Trenton and Free Radical

Trenton and Free Radical

Join the Morning Cruise to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela on Madiba day, with the popular track Mr Mandela. Trenton explains that artists need to take responsibility for their careers, he adds that this can be achieved by "building a community of support". The group agree that success in the industry is determined by sustainability, to achieve this one needs a small group of dedicated fans.

Trenton and Free Radical's concise advice to aspiring artists

1. Write songs

 2. Perform.

With his feet firmly planted in African soil, Trenton Birch has a global musical sensibility. Having done his time in London developing the distinct sound and conscious lyrics of his reggae-infused Afro-beat band, Trenton and Free Radical, his return to Cape Town is a major score for the South African live music scene.

Free Radical delivers honest beats—although there are diverse influences, including hip-hop and electro, the result is sufficiently distinctive and edgy to evoke a sense of being unique, avoiding tired genre labels. Theirs is a contemporary African sound with universal appeal, and the muscle to unite divergent tastes. It’s revolutionary music geared to ignite dance-floors while exploding our thinking.
"There’s a revolution afoot. A tidal wave of changing attitudes; around the way people think about their world, their responsibility towards each other, the planet, and the type of music that’s being churned out. TOMORROW'S DAY! "

Trenton and Free Radical, a musical partnership between Birch and writing collaborator Marco MSG, is evidence of this revolution. Their sound—seductive, acoustic, urban—elegantly marries catchy tunes with meaningful lyrics. Their songs have the energy and impact of anthems; their words pack meaning and their rhythms are ones you can’t help bopping to

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