Monday, July 23, 2012

In Studio Today: Auriol Hays

Auriol Hays


The Morning Cruise

I am a professional singer/songwriter/blogger/writer...who has a funny daughter who paints and mocks me, 3 cats, great friends and a entirely insane extended family. Oh, and then there's the hamster...

Auriol Hays joins the morning Cruise to discuss her latest music video 'a better man' and the release of her album, "which chronicles the evolution of a relationship" on itunes next week. She adds that another project close to her heart is the Help 2 Read initiative.Help2read is a registered non-profit organisation working through a volunteer workforce in primary schools in South Africa


To motivate the literate adult population to pass on their skills to the next generation, helping children to learn to love books and become confident readers.

Company Overview

help2read is a child literacy organisation, which operates in the Western Cape and Gauteng Provinces, South Africa. Our vision is that all South African children leave primary school literate and enjoy reading.
We do this by recruiting and training reading volunteer helpers who spend one-on-one time with learners on a weekly basis.Almost 80% of South African learners have not developed basic ...reading skills by the time they reach Grade 5. help2read works with these learners to improve their reading skills.


More volunteers!

Books and games for 5 - 12 year old children

Financial donations
Books can be dropped at:

help2read, 6 Alma Road, Rosebank, 7700

Office Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm


Help us to make a difference!

Please read more on our website.

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