Friday, July 06, 2012

In Studio Today: Laszlo Cicatrixx Van Leeuwen

In studio today: we meet Laszlo Cicatrixx Van Leeuwen and learn more about his career in the music industry and his current projects.

Lazslo describes himself as 'an urban-styled recording artist, producer and song writer, focused on bringing knowledge and understanding about through music and strive to motivate and inspire people to unite together as one, and to constantly ask questions rather than just digesting whatever media and society force feeds us from birth onward.'. He adds "I'm like a moth - often left in the dark, but always flying toward the light. Even if it kills me.".

Laszlo explains, "I am currently busy working on my solo debut album, which is set to be distributed digitally through Island Def Jam and features numerous nationally and internationally known artists, musicians and producers."

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