Wednesday, July 04, 2012

In Studio Today: Nadine Cloete

Film maker and social activist Nadine Cloete joins The Morning Cruise.

Nadine joins the Morning Cruise to discuss The Ashley Kriel Commemoration Evening which takes place on Monday the 9th of July at Bonteheuwel Civic Center.

"As you may know this year, 9 July 2012, marks the 25th Anniversary of Ashley Kriel’s death. Lets commemorate his and others ultimate sacrifice for our freedom ! This is a celebratory event with guest speakers and performers. The three high schools from Bonteheuwel will be participating. The emcee is from Modderdam High School, the youth speaker is from Arcadia High School and Bonteheuwel High School will be doing a play. BE THERE !!! "

Nadine adds that the proposed date for the screening of the Ashley Kriel documentary is October, at Ashley's Alma Mater Bonteheuwel High.

For further details see  Action Kommandant

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