Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In Studio Today :: Robyn Cook of 36 Boutiques and Odyseuss of Arnreuby

Today in studio we were discussing trends, styling, fashion weeks, 36 Boutiques and being a young designer in South Africa.

We spoke to Robyn Cook from 36 Boutiques who spoke to us about the intiative and the idea behind it.
36 Boutiques is an onlne retail store where you can go on and shop to your hearts contnet with all your favourite international brands as well as local brands. It also acts as a platform for young designers to get their clothing out there to a wider audience as well as training/teaching them about the industry as a whole.
If you are a young designer or know of any who would love to get their brand on 36 Boutiques they can contact Robyne here and check out the website http://www.36boutiques.com/

We also had Odysseus ArnreubyVon Bizmark a young South African designer/stylst elaborating on the trends for Autumn/Winter 2012 and giving us sneak previews into what is trending for men as well as women. He also told us about his amazing label called Arnreuby and the hi's and lows of getting a label such as his off the ground and into the stores!

To find out more about Odysseus and his label find him on Facebook or Twitter

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