Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In Studio Today :: Eldene Jones, Tauriq Jenkins and Glen Arendse

Today we spoke to playwright Eldene Jones about her play Bitter Soet Einde.

Bitter Soet Einde (Bitter Sweet Ending) is a drama written by Eldene Jones

Eldene, Glen and Tauriq spoke to us about the play, prepping for the KKK festival coming up and all that it takes to bring a play from paper to the stage.

To get tickets to see Bitter Soet Einde you can get it through Computicet, Shoprite and Checkers.
We look forward to seeing and hearing more about this play and what it does to raise awareness on child abuse/molestation.

To find out more on the play check them out on Facebook here
Here is a synopsis on the play:

Stefanie was molested by George -her step father- when she was eleven years old. She had always kept the secret to herself. She had no one to talk, and decided, after completing school, to leave home and never to return to her pain. Years later, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and died. The day of the funeral (which is when the play is set) is the first time Stefanie returns to her parental home. She sees her mother's funeral as an opportunity to take revenge by confronting George. The journey to the funeral becomes a trip back home to unfinished business.

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