Thursday, March 08, 2012

In Studio Today:: International Womens Day/Empowering Women

Today we celebrated International Women's Day with the theme of Empowering women
We spoke to a number of guests Mickey Meji, SWEAT’s Networking and Parliamentary Liaison Officer, Auntie Val, Lu Chase and Nandi for the IRIC.

Each gave us insight into what it is to be a woman in the 21st century, the struggles that women go through socially, economically and politically and correcting the imbalances within society as well as celebrating being a woman.

We received some insight into the exploitation of sex workers from Mickey and she gave us her opinion on the current situation in Atlantis where parents are forcing their children into prostitution to put food on the table.

Nandi from the IRIC also gave us insight into political and economic inequalities experience by working class women, she also explained what her programme building women's activism is about. Essentially they act as a source of knowledge and educate women about the economic rights - in that way ensuring that they are not exploited in the work place because of their sex.

Overall today was filled with inspiring strong women from different walks of life letting us know what they think about this special day as well as their opinion on the progression of women as a whole.

Contact SWEAT on their helpline 0800 60 6060 or on
Contact Nandi at the IRIC on 021 447 6375 or visit them at Community House, Salt River Rd.

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