Friday, July 30, 2010

Art-C Friday = Chris Forrest-46664 comedy & Video of Inxeba Lomphilisi, CHECK IT OUT

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1812 War between Britain and US, now referred to as the 1812 War (with no definite outcome).
1815 John Roulstone writes the first 3 verses of the nursery rhyme Mary Had a Little Lamb after his classmate, Mary Sawyer came to school followed by her pet lamb.

1902 The teddy bear is created by a Russian immigrant to the USA, after seeing a newspaper cartoon depicting President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt.
Which South African company sells about 80% of the world's rough gem diamonds through its London office?
Answer: De Beers

10 steps to a longer life
Laugh more:
An interview with the deadpan face of South Africa comedy, Chris Forrest. Chris is one of the many comedians part of the 46664 It’s No Joke production. South Africa’s top ten comedians will once again take to the stage to support the 46664 campaign. On the line up will be Barry Hilton; Chris Forrest; David Kau; John Vlismas; Marc Lottering; Ndumiso Lindi; Nik Rabinowitz; Riaad Moosa; Trevor Noah; and Tumi Morake. Due to the overwhelming success of the 46664 It’s No Joke at Sun City, the show is coming to the Sandton Convention Centre on Saturday, 1 May. 46664 and Real Concerts have brought the heat to Grand West Arena in Cape Town.

Lastly we spoke to Faniswa Yisa, director and cast member of the Magnet Theatre’s INXEBA LOMPHILISI (THE WOUND OF A HEALER). Inxeba lomphilisi (The wound of a healer) tells multiple stories that take place along the N2 road between Cape Town and the Eastern Cape. It is an interdisciplinary, multimedia production that draws its aesthetic from African traditions and urban rituals to explore the theme of identity and belonging. It is performed in isiXhosa but explores various strategies of translation into English.
Faniswa gave us a sneak peek into INXEBA LOMPHILISI:

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