Thursday, July 29, 2010

Community Buzz saw Cynthia Pland 4rm Hidden Treasures and CHPC, check it out

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According to a new study, drinking alcohol may help reduce the severity of rheumatoid arthritis as well as reduce one's risk of developing the crippling autoimmune disorder. Researchers found that people who abstain from alcohol are roughly four times more likely to have rheumatoid arthritis than people who consume at least one alcoholic beverage three or more days per week and that rheumatoid arthritis patients who drink alcohol tend to have less severe symptoms than their teetotaling counterparts.
Which culture in South Africa is commonly known for performing virginity test?
A – Venda B – Pedi C – Zulu
Answer: C – Zulu

In South Africa, where virginity testing is banned, the Zulu tribe believes that the practice prevents the spread of HIV and teenage pregnancy
Your Social Blind Spots
Some great qualities may actually alienate your pals. Stay connected with these tips
1 IF YOU’RE CHARMING, BE RELIABLE, TOOCharismatic men may score lots of friends, but they lose them once they start bailing on, well, everything. “Part of being charming is paying a lot of attention to other people. But that may lead you to make commitments you can’t follow up on,” says sociologist Dr Pepper Schwartz. She suggests making good-natured wagers on your follow-through. Any time you bail, pay R50 to the affected party. By making it a game, you slowly let accountability seep into your consciousness.
2 YOUR CRITICAL EYE IS AN ASSET, BUT LEARN TO LOOK THE OTHER WAYBeing a perfectionist is great at work, but you’ll make your pals feel like Neanderthals by comparison. “You’re too particular, so you get a lot of resentment,” Schwartz says. To avoid offending, use another technique from the job world: never criticise unless you can also offer a solution. “You may see areas where your friends want to match your standards,” Schwartz says. Offer advice as an ally, not an adversary. Back down if you sense they’re not interested.
3 PLAY THE GAME, NOT YOUR FRIENDSEver feel as if your friends are fair-weather fans? They are. Your competitive nature makes you a valuable team player, but your Hulk-like temper can alarm your mates. No matter what you’re playing – pool, touch rugby, poker – avoid conflict by challenging yourself, not your friends. Schwartz recommends aiming for personal bests instead of focusing on winning. If you come up short, you take the brunt of your own wrath.
Grace Green’s Tip Of The Week:
Paper Recycling

Have a separate bin or box for paper.
Keep your paper clean & dry by not mixing it with other recyclables or wet waste.
Recovered paper is a key material in paper, paperboard and tissue production, conserving new raw materials.

Cynthia Pland from the Hidden Treasures joined me this morning to showcase how the organisation helps their community. Hidden Treasures focuses on the poor and they do so with their charity shop. The store sells good quality second-hand household goods, books, clothing and shoes and really cheap prices. Pland says Hidden Treasures doesn’t believe in hand outs. Underprivileged and homeless must have something to work towards and some goods only cost R2.
To find out more contact Cynthia Pland on 083 663 8936 and Mrs Matthei on 083 555 2990

Lastly I was joined by Daniel Moeketsi from the Centre for High Performance Computing. For more visit It’s outreach programmes allow schools free entry and training in building computers and more.

Friendships is a living thing that lasts only as long as it is nourished with kindness, empathy and understanding.
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