Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Women’s day should be everyday! That’s why MC dedicated the day to strong community women making a difference ……….

By Denisia Adams

lambast or lambaste

1. to beat severely
2. to reprimand severely

What is the nickname of the Kaizer Chiefs soccer team?
Answer: Amakhosi

DID YOU KNOW (http://www.didyouknow.org/)
The first diet soft drink, called the "No-Cal Beverage" was launched in 1952. ALSO DID YOU KNOW Pepsi-Cola was invented by Caleb Bradham in 1890 as "Brad's Drink" as a digestive aid and energy booster. In was renamed as Pepsi-Cola in 1898

How to Drive Better
Want to drive Better, Smarter, Safer? Want to drive Defensively? Hopefully these steps will help.
Step 1
Listen, look and smell. When you are driving listen to your car. Is it making a noise, know where the sound is coming from. Is it your brakes, engine or just a loose change? If your not sure get it checked out, it might save your life.
Step 2
Look, before driving take a quick walk around your car. How are your tires? Under inflated? Check your tires inflation pressure at least once a month. Do not think you can get more miles on worn out tires. It will save your life. Is your car leaking fluid and if it is what kind? Brake fluid ? Get it checked.
Step 3
Smell. Do you smell a burning smell, or burning rubber smell, or is it your exhaust. A leaky exhaust is deadly. Get it checked.
Step 4
Now you are in your car. Buckle up, as the police officer said, “ I have never unbuckled a dead person.” Just do it! If needed adjust your seat, not for lounging, but for driving.
Step 5
You are not in your car to Drink anything, eat, sleep, comb your hair, shave, brush your teeth, put on makeup, TALK ON YOUR CELL PHONE, TEXT, make notes, read, have a conversation or anything else but drive. If you do other things while driving you greatly increase the chance of an accident. Here is a test next time you drive some where after you arrive think back on your trip. Do you remember everything about your drive? Or were you thinking about other things? I call it lala driving. You are really not thinking about driving. Eventually it will catch up to you.
Step 6
DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. If you drink, let some one else drive or call someone. Every day people die from drunk drivers. It does not take but 1 or 2 drinks. If you drink and drive you or someone else will die!
Step 7
Okay, your in your car and you are buckled up and your have adjusted your seat, so what is next? Well how is your side mirrors? Don’t forget the rear view mirror. Take a glance. Don’t forget TWO HANDS on the wheel.
Step 8
Backing up. When backing up make sure that you look both ways and back up slowly. When at home make sure to take that quick walk around your car. This will avoid running over your child’s bike or worse. How many stories have you heard on the news where someone backing up have accidentally run over a child.
Step 9
Know where you are going and how to get there.
Step 10
If you miss a turn, don’t cut other drivers off so that you may turn. Take an extra couple of minutes and travel just a little farther, then turn around.
Step 11
When traveling it really does not pay to speed, even at 10 miles over the speed limit may not even get you to your destinations sooner.
Step 12
On a three lane road it is always best to travel in the middle lane.
Step 13
As you drive keep looking a head and side to side also looking in your rearview mirror. Think as you look. It there an obstacle a head? Do you have to move out of your lane?
Step 14
Always have an out. Do not be trapped. What if? Know what you will do. Think.
Step 15
Highway driving. Do not drive in the left lane, only if you need to pass. Do not forget to use your blinker, that is why the put them on cars. Also for turning always use your blinkers.
Step 16
The 3 second rule. You should be 3 seconds behind the car in front of you. So when the car in front of you passes a marker on the highway start to count, if you get to that same marker before 3 seconds slow down a little or if more then 3 seconds speed up.
Step 17
Be prepared for anything! Stopping! Moving over! Anything, Be Prepared!
Step 18
When passing on a two lane road make sure you only pass in the passing area. Never pass in a non- passing area. Make sure you have enough time to pass, when in doubt do not pass.
Step 19
Weather. Rain, be prepared to slow down. When rain first hits the highway the rain water mixes with the oil and other fluids from cars, now you may have a highway that is like a sheet of ice. Ice, in winter be prepared for ice, SLOW DOWN.Don’t forget snow covered roads, there maybe ice under the snow. Also bridges freeze before the road.Fog , SLOW DOWN!
Step 20
Winter. Before you start out, clear all of your windows. Important fact, if your exhaust is broken and your windows are up, you could die! Do not drive your car until the leak is fixed!
Step 21
KEEP YOUR COOL! DO NOT GET MAD! IT DOES NOT PAY TO HAVE ROAD RAGE! WOULD YOU RATHER ARRIVE LATE OR NOT AT ALL! Remember your car can be a weapon, so know how to use it.
Step 22
Take a defensive driving course, you will be glad you did.

Maria Weaver and Charmaine Adams. Now these incredible women are women who have dedicated their time, their soul, their strength and their love to the communities they live in. They believe that people especially women have a great responsible in healing/assisting their communities. Ever heard the expression, “…a mothers touch”? Both Maria and Charmaine both have families at home and besides being crime fighters, counsellors, healers, food to the hungry they still manage to go home and give all their love and attention to their families.

Now being so active in their communities on a daily they were unfortunately unable to join us in the studio but their presence was definitely felt.

Maria Weaver and Charmaine Adams both work from their homes and as with many small scale community developments assistance is always welcome and need. To get in touch with Maria Weaver contact her on 021 392 52 53 and the contact number for Charmaine Adams is 072 826 4414.

Sir William Temple
The best rules to form a young man are: to talk little, to hear much, to reflect alone upon what has passed in company, to distrust one's own opinions, and value others that deserve it.

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