Friday, September 11, 2009

From Campus Rock (Band), Double M + Tru Colourz( rapper) to the next best thing in sci-fi thrillers only on MC …………………….

By Denisia Adams


1. Smartly attired; dapper.

2. Sportive; mischievous.

3. Crafty; cunning; devious

4. Likely to cause trouble and therefore requiring special care or skilled, delicate treatment.

What do South Africans celebrate on the 24th September?

Answer: Heritage Day/ National Braai Day

About 200,000 videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. ALSO DID YOU KNOW It will take a person more than 400 years to watch all the videos on YouTube.

How to Let Hard Financial Times Bring You Closer Together

Money is often cited as a hot button topic for couples. Even in strong economic times, words like "income," "budget," "investment," "savings," "bills" and "spending" can cause tension in a relationship. Not to mention all those unconscious beliefs we each hold about money that turn what should be simple, rational conversations into emotional minefields. Hard financial times needn't rip you and your sweetheart in two. In fact, if you are dedicated to work compassionately and reasonably with your partner, these times can actually bond you tighter. Let these tips inspire you to do just that.
Step 1
Remember that no matter what happens, first and foremost, you and your partner are a team. You must work together. You must have faith in one another. You must be kind. Do not, under any circumstances, turn your partner into your enemy during a financial discussion.
Step 2
Acknowledge the emotional charge surrounding money. In theory, dealing with money should be as simple as a mathematical equation; in reality it isn't as cut and dry as adding up dollars and cents.
Step 3
Be honest and upfront about your situation. While you may want to run for cover or stick your fingers in your ears and sing, "I can't hear you," ignoring your money situation will not make the scary numbers go away.
Step 4
Discuss, discuss, discuss, discuss. Where can each of you cut back on spending? Is there a way either or both of you can increase your income? Are there any creative solutions you haven't thought of yet? What are your money fears? What are your life priorities? Do you need to drastically change your living habits in order to stay on top of your current financial situation?
Step 5
Make a game plan and implement it like a game. In her book, "Not Buying It," author Judith Levine chronicles the year that her and her husband went without buying anything beyond the bare essentials. They learned to find new forms of entertainment when they could no longer go out to dinner and movies with friends, developed a stronger connection with their community, lost weight, lost stress, paid off their credit cards, built up their savings account and came out more connected through the process. What surprise treasures can you and your partner find along the way?
Step 6
Hold up your end of the deal. Do what you say you will do, whether that's to stop spending on clothes, music, bike parts or lunches.
Step 7
Move forward one day at a time. Financial struggles are not solved overnight. Keep your eyes on your big goals and have faith that the financial tides will turn.

Campus Rock, a five piece band incorporating RnB and Jazz. They joined us in studio and shared with us their story. To find out more about the band contact 072 722 37 68.

I was then joined by Simon Hansen co director of the exciting new feature film called, ‘Spoon’. Directed by Simon Hansen, Spoon is described as a supernatural thriller utilising over 400 special effects – more than most sci-fi films in Hollywood – and is leading the computer animation revolution in South Africa. Now the making of the film is an interesting one. In a unique collaboration, Inspired Minority Pictures (IMP) is working in partnership with renowned creative media college, SAE Cape Town on the final synchronisation and mixing of the much anticipated feature film, Spoon. Starring Golden Globe winning actor, Rutger Hauer, Spoon is currently in post production and is set to preview in 2010. The project commenced in July 2009 and five top audio students from SAE Institute, Cape Town, were tasked to assist with the edit, synchronisation and final mixing of Spoon. The feature film is due to be released in the beginning of next (2010).

Lastly we were joined by Double M and Tru Colourz (Godfrey Moses). Tru Colourz is an up and coming rapper extraordinaire straight from Belhar. He joined us to speak about his up and coming album to be released in February 2010. Double M on the other hand joined us to speak his film/documentary his been working on addressing piracy of music etc. It will be showcased as well as Tru Colourz this Sunday in Loop street at 8pm.

Edward Bulwer Lytton
To find what you seek in the road of life, the best proverb of all is that which says:"Leave no stone unturned."

That’s it for the Morning Cruise, where we cruise through your weekday here on BushRadio 89.5fm live on your stereo between 9am – 12pm with me Denisia Adams. Take Care ... make the best of your day and Keep the Faith. Stay Real!!!!!!!!!!

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