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autochthonous (ô-t k th -n s)

Originating where found; indigenous:
autochthonous rocks; an autochthonous people; autochthonous folktales.

Which South African university, in 2002, conferred an honorary doctorate on Archbishop Desmond Tutu?

Answer: University of Stellembosch

DID YOU KNOW (http://www.didyouknow.org/)
New device made with gold nanoparticles can detect lung cancer when exposed to a person’s breath and may be used to diagnose patients even before tumors become visible in X-rays. Sensors in the device detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs), high levels of which are present in the exhaled breath of lung cancer patients. When tested, the device detected the cancer with 86 percent accuracy. Developers hope the inexpensive sensor will one day be used by doctors to screen patients at routine appointments, increasing early detection of a disease that is often not diagnosed until after it has spread and is no longer curable.

How to Decrease Your Chances of Having a Major Car Accident
Step 1

Driving is a privilege and it is important to keep the roads as safe as possible. There are some simple rules that all drivers should follow to significantly decrease the chance of having a major car accident.
Step 2
First, make sure your tires have a good amount of tread and keep about 32 pounds of air in each tire. In addition, make sure wipers are in working condition and that your care has been aligned properly. In addition, make sure brakes are working properly, and seatbelts at all times. No drinking while operating a motor vehicle . Driving a safe vehicle is key in avoiding an accident.
Step 3
Next, if you play the radio while driving make sure you don’t blast the radio. Playing the radio too loud is a major distraction, which can easily cause you an accident. Obey speed limits at all times, and be cautious of the elderly and inexperienced drivers. If driving on a narrow road, it is best not to pass another car no matter how slow that they are going.
Step 4
As far as cell phones are concerned; cell phone usage while driving has caused more than a few accidents, some fatal. Keep you cell turned on in case of emergency but don’t answer while driving. It is best to pull off the road and either call the person back or answer the phone. It is illegal in some states to talk on the phone while driving. Besides both hands are supposed to be on the steering wheel .
Step 5
By just exercising a few driving tips can ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Jenney Handley from Jenny Handley promotions and public relationsperformance management personality portfolio. Jenny is not a stranger to giving sound career and business advice, she has written several columns providing the need to know answer to our questions. Today she joined us telephonically to discuss a column she had written on how to, ‘Expand your horizons by increasing your profile’. Visibility is the key. Jenny believes that, “Visibility creates the perception of added value.” For example media personalities use this method. The media people most seen are the one’s for instance who gets paid more and necessarily because the better because of their increase visibility. Jenny went on to say that in the corporate world or any other working environment people can become more visible (stand out) by always being the one to volunteer to take on assignments freely and if possible at all get involved with public speaking etc. To find out more about Jenny Handley Promotions visit www. Jennyhandleypromotions.co.za

Lastly we were joined by Smangele Mbeje all the way from Kwazulu Natal who spoke to us about a great initiative called the Jump Start Programme. This particular initiative is aimed at persons between the ages of 18 and 24 years old. Delegates attend a four day Dreambuilders session, where they are taught life skills; with a strong emphasis on helping them identify their talents and how to shift responsibility to an internal locus of control. The program empowers them to identify their place of most potential and how they can move to a place of performance in the workplace. At the completion of this phase, they are then offered an opportunity to do work-experience at Mr Price Group stores for a week. Training offered in stores: Stock Room - Receiving and transfer of stock, stock queries, stock administration, Housekeeping of the stockroom. Shop Floor – Understanding and knowing the product, merchandising of stock on the shop floor, price boards, housekeeping, markdowns and advertised stock; in-store displays and security are based on basic retail skills.

At the completion of the project, delegates receive a certificate which they can use with their CVs. There is no guarantee that delegates will be offered a job, however store managers are encouraged to employ suitable candidates, should they have positions available.

Training sessions for 2009 are currently taking place till the end of November in the Western Cape - Khayelistsha, Nyanga, Mitchells Plain & Bellville To participate on the programme, applicants must be unemployed, be between the ages of 18 – 24 years and have a valid matric certificate.

For bookings and training dates, sms or contact Thandeka at RedCap Foundation on 084 9798 800 / 031 310 8141 / info@redcapfoundation.org

Christopher Morley
There is only one success--to be able to spend your life in your own way.

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