Thursday, May 02, 2019

Tamryn Pereira (student and chef at The International Hotel School)

All the way from Delft, Tamryn Lynn Pereira, an aspiring chef, joined us in studio to talk about her journey through food and came to whip up a storm for us on our segment called Tasty Tuesdays.

Going into her second year of cooking and being a chef, she draws her inspirations from her mother who is very good in pastries and has been her motivation since a young age. With Tamryn graduating in 2020, more specifically June 2020, she hints at studying further in the culinary arts department. Her specialty is Pasta, Steak and deserts. As stressful as the job is, she says its a satisfying feeling seeing that the food she serves people make them happy and that they are satisfied with their meals.

Being a perfectionist and also very critical about her food and how its made, she hopes to one day run her own restaurant and oversee a kitchen of the best chefs she can find. Tamryn hopes people stay away from fast food as it is unhealthy and that people should seek more healthy and vegetarian servings. With jobs in Dubai and on crew ships on the table, Tamryn is in no rush, as she wants to learn more dishes that could benefit her in the future where jobs and having her own restaurant is concerned.

When Tamryn is not at work, she practices cooking at home for her friends and family. Speaking about work, Tamryn applies her trade at the Onomo-Inn on the the square, in Cape Town.With the interview coming to the end, Tammy thanked her best friends and her parents for being her support system on her journey so far.

If you would like to get hold of Tamryn, contact her on:

facebook: Tammy Lynn Pereira
instagram: Tammy_Pereira

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