Thursday, March 07, 2019

Glody Nkanga Global Peace Ambassador for South Africa in Cape Town

Glody Nkanga originally from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in Lubumbashi in the south eastern part of Democratic Republic, arrived in south Africa when he was 5yrs old. Glody is an Ambassador for the Global Peace Chain, promoting peace in South Africa and all over the world. “Where ever peace is needed we are there to entitle and make sure that we are promoting it” – Said Glody.
Glody Nkanga  & Khusi Veto

In Cape Town he is currently the only Global Peace Ambassador so far, Glody will be in the Global Peace Ambassador (GPA) summit taking place in April 2019 it’s an international summit that will be hosted in Johannesburg. Glody’s dream was inspired by his church where they don’t see colour it’s a unity church ever since he was a kid his pastor made him Realise that one day he will be President and glody took that to heart that’s when he got passionate on helping people.
Glody’s main focus on global peace is crime against woman and children because “our foundation as humans it’s based on woman and children as a youth we must start where the root is beginning to grow as Nelson Mandela said “the children are the future of the country” said glody. if you start impacting the youth at a young age with goals and successful path you steer youth in a right direction. Throughout his life he has looked up to world great leaders. The next project after the Global Peace Ambassador will be community based project glody said “If you believe in change you must start in your Community as soon as you start in one house hold you can move to the next one and soon you will see the whole community is transformed. Glody is turning 22yrs on the 16 March 2019 on this day he will be hosting his an event that he will be on turning 22yrs. Glody studied IT at Dameline College now he is waiting for his Global Citizen. On the side he is also a musician and an entrepreneur on his birthday the event will be fashion show and showcasing his music he produced. The money that will be made from his event will go to a charity organisation.
Anyone can be a Global Peace Ambassador from 18yrs and above.
Glody contact details: Glody Nkanga  
Instagram: King Glody
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