Friday, March 08, 2019

Chelsea Goliath, poet from Mitchells Plain

On the 6th of March, we were joined in studio by Chelsea Goliath, a fast rising and viral entity where her poetry is concerned. Her spoken word or poetry as it is more well known as, took off when she posted her very first video on social media of her performing her spoken word called "Mitchells Plain".

The video went viral on Facebook as her inspirational words and and authentic passion came through as she spoke about the trials, tribulations and great things that come out of Mitchells Plain.

With Chelsea being a full-time student at UWC, her time management has to be on point if she wants to get around to her poetry as well. Luckily, she handles her time very well and even in her busy days, makes time to set up events for her spoken word and also posting to social media.

Since she was a child, Chelsea always had a love for words and the meaning behind it. As she grew up, she found poetry as her new home and after following a poetry group from America, she knew this is what she wanted to do. Chelsea seems to find inspiration almost everywhere. Her favourite place to source for her next big hit is using public transport. She says that just listening to people talking about various topics that get swept under the rug is a boost for her and her spoken word.

"I want to paint a picture with words. I don't want people to just hear what I am saying, but also to feel what I am saying...", were the words of Chelsea expressing how she wants to convey her spoken word. All she wants is to inspire one person, and let the Boomerang effect" take place and allow a chain reaction of letting each and everyone teach and educate others and spread the words she express.

The 21 year old Chelsea Goliath, wishes that more Cape Town based people embrace who they are, their cultures to be practised fully and not half full and also to be true to who you are and prosper.

To get in touch with Chelsea, you can do so via:

Chelsea Goliath (FACEBOOK)

Chelsea_Firelilly (INSTAGRAM)

To watch one -f her performances here on Bush Radio via youtube:


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